I’m buying a house.

Conveyancer or solicitor?

I’m buying a house. Do I need a conveyancer or solicitor?

Congratulations you’re purchasing property! There is so much to know in the process of doing this. An important part of it is to find a solicitor for buying a house. But is it really a solicitor you’re after? You certainly need a professional to process the transaction who is qualified to do so. Instead, with a raft of additional benefits, you should consider hiring a conveyancer to complete your property transaction.

Conveyancer or solicitor for buying a house?

Conveyancers are as qualified as solicitors are to help buyers and sellers with their property transactions. For example, licensed conveyancers, just like solicitors, must obtain a professional indemnity insurance as well. Though the key difference is licensed conveyancers provide services exclusively in the area of property law, known as conveyancing. There is a high level of focus on conveyancing matters without the distraction of a multitude of other pressing legal cases, as a result.

Conveyancers must hold relevant tertiary qualifications, just as a solicitor does. Conversely, the education provided for conveyancers is in-depth and specific to property law dealings. In addition, conveyancers are required to successfully complete two years of practical, supervised experience before being provided with their licence. On the other hand, solicitors are not required to pass the same mandatory training and experience as conveyancers, qualified to practice law at the attainment of their degree.

So, when considering hiring a solicitor for buying a house, it is prudent to compare to a reputable conveyancer as well.

Affordable conveyancing fees

Solicitors deal with a greater range of legal matters due to being qualified to practice many aspects of law. As a result, this often results in solicitors charging far greater prices for the same quality service on an hourly basis. Clients then outlay additional money unnecessarily. Why pay more for a solicitor when you will receive greater value and often a more personalised service at a more affordable, fixed fee, with a conveyancer?

Be in the know. Download our guide below to learn the most important questions to ask when hiring a conveyancer.

Meet the Edmonds licensed conveyancer team

At Edmonds we pride ourselves on having an experienced team of conveyancers who come from diverse backgrounds. Licensed conveyancers Amanda and Anthony Edmonds have both attained their conveyancing licences from one of Australia’s leading institutions, Macquarie University. Further, they have worked in the field of conveyancing for many years.

Anthony’s prior experience working as a building certifier for 25 years, before making the pivot to conveyancing, is an asset to the team. He adds a versatile perspective on property deals. Additionally, Tanya Holmstrom has worked most of her life in the property sector, including at one of Australia’s top-tier law firms.

Edmonds latest recruit, Courtney Fitzgerald, has brought to the table her broad knowledge. She holds a Bachelor of Law and is a qualified solicitor. With a strong passion for property and contract law, she was led her down the obvious path of conveyancing.

When it comes to offering good conveyancing, we understand that knowledge and experience are key. Our team is well equipped with more than 50 years combined experience to ensure you are provided with a professional and smooth property transaction. It is the Edmonds Difference.

Conveyancing is what we do

At Edmonds we deal exclusively with conveyancing matters on a day-to-day basis. This ensures our team is responsive and efficient with processes that we have refined over the years. Edmonds conveyancers are licensed professionals who specialise in property transfers. Our team are known for being trusted to represent your best interests whilst liaising with your seller and their agent. You are in safe hands.

So why not contact us for an obligation-free chat? Find out how we can support you through one of the most important purchases of your life.

Taking care of everything is what we do

It’s what makes us Australia’s most trusted, experienced and approachable conveyancer.
Your conveyancer

Your conveyancer

Once in a lifetime purchase, or for those with a portfolio. We’re the trusted conveyancing partner for thousands of clients who need that final piece set in place.
Our purpose

Our purpose

Even after growing our business, we’ll never lose sight of why we’re here. Good old fashioned personalised and professional service. Each and every time, guaranteed.
The result

The result

Transactions settled on time, 95% of the time. This results in happy clients who rate us five stars and industry-recognised award wins for our work and our wonderful people.
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    Edmonds Conveyancing really know their stuff. Easily navigated a transaction which was a little complex at times and showed up the other conveyancer… prompt in replying which is always nice in this day and age. Highly recommend!

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