How much does a conveyancer cost?

How much does a conveyancer cost?

Nicole Shelley

29 October 2020

How much does conveyancing cost in NSW?

After ‘what does a conveyancer do?’ the most popular question we are asked at Edmonds is ‘how much does a conveyancer cost?’. Given the stress, finances and myriad prior plans that go into a property transaction, ‘how much are conveyancing fees?’ is an important consideration.

In NSW, if you’re buying or selling property, you need a conveyancer.

Conveyancing is an important professional service and is heavily regulated across Australia. When you engage a conveyancer at Edmonds, you will pay for someone who is qualified with a law degree, has many years’ experience, and will fit in with your requirements so that you benefit from conveyancing, your way.

In short, a conveyancing fee can cost you anywhere from $700 to more than $3,000. It is important to note that this cost can rise sharply with unexpected disbursements. It’s also important to remember that after all the other costs associated with property transactions (and given its importance in the whole process) conveyancing is something you want to get right the first time. And on time. Low cost conveyancing is not always the aim. Good value conveyancing, complete with strong experience and knowledge should be the goal.

How do conveyancers charge?

Just as every other profession will charge differently depending on who you choose, so too will conveyancers. Some will charge an hourly rate and others, a flat fee. At Edmonds Conveyancing, we assess your case and will provide a thorough and accurate quote prior to commencing any work. The cost of conveyancing will include our fee plus disbursements.

Conveyancing involves many aspects of administration, consultation, liaising, legal interpretation, communication, coordinating other stakeholders and understanding council and other legislative requirements.

Buying? Read more about how Edmonds helps you here.
Selling? The Edmonds process has been refined for property sellers.

At Edmonds Conveyancing, we assess your case and will provide a thorough and accurate quote prior to commencing any work.

Conveyancing is most certainly a profession for which a client will get what they pay. When researching how much does a conveyancer cost, beware of cheaper conveyancers (less than $1,000) who are inexperienced, poorly connected with councils and other departments and will likely put their junior staff (often a rotating team) on your case who will not take the time to know you and your circumstances properly.

Where to next?

It’s useful to know how much a conveyancer will charge to sell a house or help you buy property. But there is a lot that goes into a property transaction.

Before choosing your conveyancer, take a few minutes to read our free guide on what to look for when finding a conveyancer.

And when you’re ready, so are we.