Getting Accurate Conveyancing Quotes

Getting Accurate Conveyancing Quotes

Angela Smith

10 December 2020

Conveyancing involves all those activities that enact the transfer of property from vendor to purchaser. When it comes to fees and getting conveyancing quotes, we know that it’s most important to put all those activities into simple terms. That way, you can really understand where your money might be going. At Edmonds, we strive to make your transaction process as efficient and effective as possible, from the actual settlement of your property right down to the clarity of your conveyancing quotes.

What goes into conveyancing fees?

You might have seen our other blog post answering the question “how much does conveyancing cost in NSW?”. For a quick refresher, conveyancing fees consist of two main types of expenses: a legal service fee and disbursements. Disbursements are all the expenses incurred from pre to post-settlement and accrue as your conveyancer takes up more risk to effectively complete your transaction. An example of a disbursement might include the cost of registering your mortgage, or the cost of arranging building inspections.

Every property is different and we don’t just mean differences between houses and apartments. We’re talking differences in council rates, title searches, utilities, stamp duty, building and pest inspections. Properties will vary depending on the outcomes of these procedures and costs, and as such, so too will the conveyancing fees involved.

What can I expect from a conveyancing quote?

To put a number on it, your conveyancing fees could cost you anywhere from $700 to over $3000. It’s a wide range and reflects the differences and potential surprises that can arise in the process of conveyancing. But that’s for us to worry about because at Edmonds, we take care of your property transaction so that you don’t have to. And that’s where a personalised conveyancing quote comes in. Because you should know what you’re getting into.

Conveyancing quotes at Edmonds

At Edmonds, we want to work with you to ensure that you are kept informed at every step of the way. Ensuring that complex legal and conveyancing jargon can be understood by you is central to our service. Because we know that your home is one of your most valuable assets. And setting the record straight on how much and what you’re paying is a big part of that. Our conveyancing quotes will be clear about our services and reassure you that we are willing and ready to help you mitigate the risk, challenges and everything in between that arises during your property transaction.

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