Electronic conveyancing. Making life easier.

Electronic conveyancing. Making life easier.

Angela Smith

19 November 2020

E-commerce is the new way of shopping online. In the same way, e-conveyancing, or electronic conveyancing, is a new way of settling a property transaction between buyers and sellers. As the demands of the market change, the property market has found new ways to serve an increase in online clients. At Edmonds, we have ensured these developments in electronic conveyancing make your property transaction experience more convenient. Also, It has improved the way we do conveyancing – your way.

What is electronic conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal transfer of property ownership from a seller to a purchaser. E-conveyancing moves this process online. Buying or selling a property? From anywhere in NSW, it’s possible with Edmonds.

We have dedicated ourselves to designing our online conveyancing service. The result is that we can serve all conveyancing clients NSW-wide. That’s whether you’re in Byron Bay, Batemans or Broken Hill.

In NSW, if you’re buying or selling property, you need a conveyancer. No matter where you’re buying or selling in NSW, Edmonds is here to help you. And you’ll get a personalised service wherever you go. We put our clients first. As such, your property ambitions are our property ambitions.

Beyond just being a platform for e-settlements and transacting property digitally, the technology streamlines the way we undertake property transactions. And that means both time and costs are saved. Therefore it’s a win-win situation.

A history of electronic conveyancing

In 2011, the Australian Registrars’ National Electronic Conveyancing Council (ARNECC) was formed to implement and manage the regulatory framework for e conveyancing. Each state and territory holds the responsibility to individually mandate the use of e conveyancing within their jurisdiction.

Before operating in an individual state or territory, each Electronic Lodgement Network Operator (ELNO) must first gain category 2 approval. This approval comes from ARNECC. Then the operator must work with the regulatory bodies in each state before offering their services within that jurisdiction. Under the ARNECC, the Electronic Conveyancing National Law (ECNL) governs the provisioning and operation of electronic conveyancing in Australia.

Legal jargon aside, e-conveyancing has been borne out of industry collaboration between conveyancers, banks and lawyers. Collaboration is where the magic happens. As a result, we’ve translated our collaboration with the industry into building a better collaborative relationship with our clients.

We do conveyancing your way

We endeavour to provide the best personalised service we can from a friendly conveyancer. Not only does e-conveyancing allow us to do this, but it also allows us to share our services with the rest of NSW. Taking care of everything is just what we do, and e-conveyancing facilitates this!

So, no matter where you are in NSW, Edmonds is just a click away.