Do I need to hire a local conveyancer?

Do I need to hire a local conveyancer?

Michael Aroney

27 April 2021

When looking for a real estate agent, going local is important. A real estate agent’s local knowledge and up-to-date, intimate understanding of the properties and market in the area is crucial when selling. But when it comes to hiring a conveyancer, going local isn’t nearly as important.

Good Conveyancing is crucial. Move on without stress.

With the introduction of electronic conveyancing, now 99% of transactions can be completed online. This means you can now work with any conveyancer right across New South Wales. 

Good conveyancing doesn’t need to be local. Working with your conveyancer should be stress free, simple, uncomplicated, and easy. Conveyancing is a big task – your property shouldn’t be entrusted with a conveyancer unless you’ve done proper research and you feel confident with their experience and skill level.

Here’s what to look out for when researching a conveyancer:

A Team

Your conveyancer is responsible for the transfer of one of your biggest assets – your home. Day or night you should be able to reach a team of experienced professionals who are ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have about conveyancing or about the status of your property transaction.

We’re a team of five conveyancers with over 50 years experience. We’ll take care of your property transaction like it’s our own.

Many online conveyancing companies are faceless. You’ll work across different team members, working from support tickets. This is not our approach. You will be assigned a conveyancer from the start to the end of the transaction. And you know you have the support of a team if you have an urgent question and your assigned conveyancing is out at lunch. (We all eat lunch right?)

A conveyancer who cares

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of buying or selling a home or investment property. It’s an experience you never really forget. The team at Edmonds bring a combined 50 years of witnessing and facilitating that feel-good experience.

No robots here! At Edmonds you’ll work one-on-one with a conveyancer of your choice. Whether you’re a first home buyer or a seasoned investor. We’ll treat you like an old friend. We’re hospitable, approachable and we stay in touch. Because we care about you and your property.


We’re all time poor. It’s no secret. Whether or not they’re local, the most important quality in a good conveyancing service is convenience. No-one wants to trek from Newcastle to Sydney just to sign a few documents. Local conveyancing may seem more convenient, but why move at all?

Good conveyancing doesn’t need to be local

We work with you digitally – phone, email, video. The choice is 100% yours. This is fuss-free conveyancing, in just one click.


If likely you didn’t purchase the cheapest house within your budget or accept the lowest offer made if you’re selling.

The quality and experience of a conveyancer is often reflected in their fee. At Edmonds, we are not the Rolls Royce of Conveyancing, however we are not the cheapest either. Our fee reflects our experience, commitment to professional development and providing the best service possible.

Do I need to hire a local conveyancer? Not at all!

While a local conveyancer may just be on your doorstep, the advent of online conveyancing has meant that today, you don’t even need to reach your doorstep to ensure your property is being properly conveyed.

We go out of our way to make sure your property is looked after, just like we would look after our own.