Understanding conveyancing regulations

Understanding conveyancing regulations

Angela Smith

4 December 2020

By abiding by the set standard conveyancing regulations, Edmonds ensures that each client’s best interests are accounted for. The Conveyancing Act 1919 No 6 governs this. We understand the legalities around conveyancing. As such, we are trusted by thousands of clients who have successfully transferred property ownership using Edmonds’ services.

Conveyancing regulations allow for an option to sign all dealings and plans electronically. Particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the conveyancing industry has understood the importance of keeping vendors and sellers safe. Such digital conveyancing regulations assist customers and look after their health and safety during the pandemic.

Do online conveyancing regulations exist?

Recent conveyancing regulations allow for paper land dealings, plans and section 88B interests to now be signed electronically. Additionally, the signing of certain documents to be witnessed via audio-visual devices has come to fruition. This is made explicit through the Electronic Transactions Regulation 2017 amendment.

What about witnessing documents?

Conveyancing regulations also permit the electronic witnessing of all documents. As a result, the Edmonds Conveyancing team works closely with PEXA. PEXA is a world-first Australian company that has brought this digital settlement solution to Australian vendors and buyers within the property market. It acts in accordance with conveyancing regulations to allow for a safe, efficient, and completely digitalised process.

Evidently, recent property legislation has digitally transformed the property exchange experience. In doing so, it has improved transparency and efficiency by enabling more streamlined processes. Furthermore, it has also created a higher security of information and greater tracking capabilities of all parties through each stage of the transaction.

It’s the little things that make the biggest difference

At Edmonds, we know people often need to move fast to secure a real estate sale or purchase. Our response? We’ve perfected a service that completes your transaction promptly and accurately. We’ve moved with the times, able to conduct all business online, online conveyancing, if that’s your preference. Be confident that we’ll handle the unexpected ‘surprises’ as well as we complete a straightforward transfer.

Whether you are buying, selling or need assistance to transfer ownership, Edmonds offers online conveyancing. Have a question regarding the online approach?
Reach out now, or whenever you’re ready.