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Good conveyancing doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll take care of you.

The Edmonds team are a group of licensed conveyancers who help our clients across New South Wales.

When you work with a conveyancing lawyer from our team, you will benefit from over 40 years of experience and an efficient, professional and client-focussed approach.

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    Smooth Sailing!

    I was recommended by a friend to Edmonds Conveyancing and I don’t ever regret it. Tanya from the Lismore team went far beyond the call of duty. My settlement was not straight forward and a difficult one, yet she made it, smooth sailing.
    Nicole Bird – via Google

    What does a conveyancing lawyer do?

    A conveyancing lawyer is responsible for administering the transfer of property ownership to another person or people (the client). If you are buying or selling property, you need a conveyancer.

    When you appoint a conveyancer, you should ensure they are licensed to operate in the state in which the property is located, and that they are fully insured for the purpose of providing this professional service. The Edmonds team are licensed within the state of NSW.

    When you work with Edmonds, you will be appointed one of our licensed conveyancers who will see your transaction through to completion. No being passed from one to another and having to explain your situation every time. We take great care to understand your specific circumstances and will tailor our personalised service for this you.

    Edmonds Conveyancing provides a comprehensive suite of services for all your property transaction needs. Read more on the Edmonds Conveyancing services here.

    Conveyancing lawyer. Without the complicated jargon.

    We keep things simple so you can focus on the things that matter. Because conveyancing shouldn’t be stressful.



    Whether its land, a house, an apartment. Our conveyancing lawyers will make sure your property is registered in your name.



    Your Edmonds conveyancing lawyer take care of your transaction. Preparing a contract of sale, helping you move on with convenience.

    What is the difference between a conveyancing lawyer and a solicitor?

    If its property transactions you need professional support with, a conveyancer is who you need. Solicitors are often more expensive as they are able to perform other legal duties and transactions. Conveyancers are specialised in property transactions and have a far more intimate knowledge of the legal requirements and regulations around buying and selling property – residential or commercial.

    Let’s get started

    Whether you need a conveyancing lawyer in Sydney or Broken Hill, Edmonds Conveyancing is ready to take your call (or email!). And best of all, we can work with you 100% remotely.

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