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Conveyancing can involve a range of different services, including but not limited to preparing contracts for sale of land, coordinating banks, other conveyancers, agents, and organising property deposit bonds. 

There’s no question that conveyancing is a full-service process, but it is easy to get confused about where your money is going, and why.  Learn more on this page about what our conveyancing fee include.

As outlined by Fair Trading NSW, conveyancer fees NSW will include a legal service fee and disbursements.

Disbursements are expenses incurred during the process of searching and obtaining certificates from councils and other authorities. To break that down, that might include:

Beyond our service fees and disbursements, other sources of fees when buying and selling property can include:

In short, conveyancing tasks and their respective fees are accrued at all phases of a transaction – from pre-exchange, to settlement. These fees can also vary greatly between conveyancers.

Whether you’re a vendor or a purchaser, your conveyancer fees will reflect the plethora of essential tasks that your conveyancer takes on in order to simplify the process of you buying or selling your property. 

We will take the risk out of your hands, so that you can enjoy your property ambitions. You can rest assured knowing that your transfer will be taken care of, whatever comes our way.

Our fees, in your language.

We know how time-poor you are. Buying or selling your property does not need to be an added stress.

Just like your experience with Edmonds, your conveyancing fees should be straightforward and clear. We work hard to ensure you and your interests are best represented. Because personalised and professional service is why we’re here, to work with you, your way.

As a guide, our conveyancing fees start at $1500 plus disbursements. We know we are not the cheapest. However, we do know we are one of the most experienced conveyancing firms in New South Wales. For the sake of a few hundred dollars can you really afford the litigation and stress of a property transaction gone wrong. 

Still not convinced? Give our team a call on 1300 845 002 and we can step you through the Edmonds difference.

Taking care of everything is what we do

It’s what makes us Australia’s most trusted, experienced and approachable conveyancer.
Your conveyancer

Your conveyancer

Once in a lifetime purchase, or for those with a portfolio. We’re the trusted conveyancing partner for thousands of clients who need that final piece set in place.
Our purpose

Our purpose

Even after growing our business, we’ll never lose sight of why we’re here. Good old fashioned personalised and professional service. Each and every time, guaranteed.
The result

The result

Transactions settled on time, 95% of the time. This results in happy clients who rate us five stars and industry-recognised award wins for our work and our wonderful people.

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Think about online conveyancing as the best solution to getting your property transaction completed. Across NSW, from Albury to Armidale, we have been proudly helping clients with buying and selling property for over 16 years. And with a high return client rate, we believe we have the right processes and professionalism.

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