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Conveyancer vs Solicitor?

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It’s one of our most frequently asked questions, conveyancer vs solicitor. Perhaps you’re looking to buy your first property, or you’re selling your current home. One of the first steps you’ll encounter is the need to speak with either a solicitor or conveyancer. Tough choice? Maybe not. At Edmonds we understand that when it comes to your property transaction, you’ve already got a million decisions to make to ensure it goes smoothly – decision fatigue at its peak.

We take properties and their transactions seriously, so here’s a quick guide on what you need to know, no extra effort required.

Conveyancer vs solicitor: the conveyancer’s role

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring the title of a property from a seller to a buyer.

What does a conveyancer do? Well, it’s in the name. A conveyancer is a licensed professional who handles all the legal requirements and the potential pitfalls that may arise in the process of transferring property ownership between parties.

According to AICNSW, conveyancers are backed by an in-depth understanding of the laws concerning the transfer of property, and they are required by law to retain Professional Indemnity Insurance. Beyond this, they must have completed a comprehensive property law and conveyancing course or diploma with at least two years of post practical experience to qualify as a conveyancer. By focusing exclusively on conveyancing and property transactions, their knowledge of the field is unparalleled.

The conveyancing process covers all aspects from pre to post-settlement, including examining the contract, arranging building inspections, examining the mortgage agreement, overseeing the change in title, and more.

What about solicitors?

A solicitor is a qualified lawyer or legal practitioner. Property solicitors or conveyancing solicitors perform the tasks your conveyancer would, as well as any other legal matters that come with being a legal practitioner. This might also be indirectly related to the transfer of your property, advising on matters such as tax, marriage ownership and having a range of connections to legal professionals.

Conveyancer vs solicitor – which is better?

When it comes down to it, a conveyancer and a solicitor both fulfil the pivotal role of transferring the title of a property from a seller to a purchaser, while handling all the legal matters and implications that may arise in the process.

From the perspective of a conveyancer, our exclusive focus on conveyancing and property matters means we don’t get distracted in the process of mitigating the risk and juggling all the demands of your transaction. It’s one of your most important life transactions, and we believe it should be attended to with undivided attention. At Edmonds, we’ll be sure to not only work for you, but with you to ensure your needs are met and that you are kept informed every step of the way.

Is there a difference in the costs?

With all the tasks that both solicitors and conveyancers perform, it’s easy to get confused about where your conveyancing fees go to, and wonder whether it’s all really worth it. Often, licensed conveyancers are more price competitive than solicitors, and that’s why most people go with a conveyancer. After all, sometimes it all comes down to price, and saving money and hassle with a conveyancer that performs the same tasks to convey your property is an attractive option.

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Regardless of your property needs, Edmonds Conveyancing endeavours to provide you the best possible service to ease your property concerns and facilitate your property ambitions. We convey property your way – good old-fashioned personalised and professional service, underpinned by our years of experience. Transferring your property is just one of your boxes to tick on the to-do list, it’s all of ours.

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