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    Highly recommend!

    Edmonds Conveyancing really know their stuff. Easily navigated a transaction which was a little complex at times and showed up the other conveyancer. Prompt in replying which is always nice in this day and age. Highly recommend!
    Joel A – via Google
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    Insights from the team who have helped hundred of thousands of people buy and sell property.

      Buying in Coffs Harbour

      Buying in Coffs Harbour

      Whether its land, a house, an apartment. We’ll review the contract and prepare the paperwork to get you the keys without the headache.

      Selling in Coffs Harbour

      Selling in Coffs Harbour

      We’ll take care of your Coffs Harbour Conveyancing transaction. Preparing a contact of sale, helping you to move on with convenience.

      Coffs Harbour Conveyancing – Why us?

      We’re a team of five conveyancers with 50 plus year experience.
      We’ll take care of your property transaction like it’s our own.

      Who we work with

      First home buyers

      First home buyers

      Our Principal Amanda Edmonds loves working with first home buyers. There nothing quite like the excitement of buying your first home. Our first home buyers love the convenience of our digital service.



      When building a property portfolio, you’ll need a prompt conveyancing service from pre-exchange to post settlement. A team who knows your portfolio, your preferences and lifts the burden off your shoulders.

      Time poor buyers and sellers

      Time poor buyers and sellers

      Our digital service is fuss and stress free. We’ll work with you in your preferred way. Phone, email or video. The choice is 100% yours.

      People who value experience

      People who value experience

      We’re not a low-cost conveyancing service. We’re a team of experienced conveyancers backed by hundreds of thousands of transactions.

      We work alongside the best


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      More about Conveyancing Coffs Harbour

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      Meet the team

      Five. Your magic number.

      From a garage space in 2004 to the thriving business it is today, Edmonds Conveyancing has evolved into one of the largest conveyancing firms in NSW with a team of experienced conveyancing lawyers and specialist staff.

      We’ve perfected a service that completes your transaction promptly and accurately. We’ve moved with the times and are able to conduct all business online.

      “People come to us because they value our expertise and professionalism. They come back to us because they know we are efficient, service orientated and friendly. We’re approachable, we stay in touch and we go out of our way to deliver.”

      Edmonds signature

      Amanda Edmonds – Principal and Licenced Conveyancer

      Coffs Harbour Conveyancing: At your service.

      Conveyancing. It’s just another step on a long list of things to get done when it comes to buying or selling your property. After 50 years of experience, we know just how overwhelming property transactions can be. And we know how challenging it is when it’s not the only thing you have on your mind. At Edmonds, we treat Coffs Harbour conveyancing as our top priority so that you don’t have to.

      We know Coffs Harbour conveyancing. And we know how to translate that efficiency, experience and passion into a conveyancing experience that is stress-free and easy for everyone involved.

      Coffs Harbour Conveyancing: We’re in your neighbourhood

      Edmonds was born in Ballina, but we service all of New South Wales. This means that whether you’re in Western Sydney and seeking Auburn conveyancing, or over in the Blue Mountains and needing a hand with Coffs Harbour conveyancing, we’ll work with you to deliver the best service possible. Ensuring your transaction goes smoothly is just what we do. And whether that means we connect over an email, a phone call or a zoom call, we’ll accommodate your needs.

      Whatever your reason for buying or selling your property, Edmonds are here to help facilitate your Coffs Harbour conveyancing needs.

      Perhaps you’re moving into the coastal region for the incredible views and natural landscape. Or maybe you’re moving out of Coffs Harbour and further into the city for work or family. Whatever your reason for buying or selling your property, Edmonds are here to help facilitate your Coffs Harbour conveyancing needs. For many, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime transaction, and you need someone who can speak for and with you to make it happen.

      How Edmonds approaches Coffs Harbour Conveyancing

      Conveyancing involves all the activities from pre-settlement to post-settlement that go into the transfer of property ownership from vendor to purchaser. As you can imagine, this encompasses a whole host of tasks and involves mitigating a lot of risk along the way – including but not limited to handling contracts, arranging finances, preparing mortgage agreements and overseeing the change of title.

      It’s a lot, and we know that more often than not, the technical legal jargon can go over one’s head. That’s why at Edmonds, we aim to put our Coffs Harbourconveyancing in your language. Because we want to work with you on transferring your property to ensure that you’re across what we’re doing, and to help you understand what exactly your conveyancing fees are going towards.

      Our e-conveyancing services are what ties this all together. By applying the latest technology and processes, we are able to service clients right across the state of NSW.

      The Edmonds Difference

      We have over 50 years of experience in conveyancing. And more importantly, it’s all we do. No distractions, no extra tasks piling up. We’re laser focused on conveyancing so that you don’t have to be. Interested in chatting Coffs Harbour Conveyancing? Give us a buzz!

      The process of selling or buying property requires a conveyancer to complete the transaction. But choosing a Coffs Harbour conveyancer can be a daunting task. What questions do you ask? What makes a good conveyancer? Here, we explain what you need to know so that you’re comfortable with the person looking after one of your biggest lifetime investments.

      Coffs Harbour to Edmonds

      Coffs Harbour conveyancer town view

      It starts with knowing the area in which you are buying or selling property. With a population of over 26,000 people, Coffs Harbour is a bustling city, offering the best of coast and bush, as all locals know. The area presents a notable opportunity for those looking to sell or buy property with a vast range of products from free standing houses to units, townhouses and other beach and bush-based cottages.

      When it comes to Coffs Harbour real estate trends, a key aspect to know is that 75% of the population are couples, either with children or as a couple. Further, this makes houses a popular choice for property transactions in the area. While 55% of the property in Coffs Harbour is either owned outright or is mortgaged.

      Coffs Harbour
      median home price

      Average Coffs Harbour
      weekly rental

      Average days
      on market




      Coffs Harbour conveyancer shoreline

      In fact, locals rate Coffs Harbour best for internet access, parks and recreation, public transport and neighbourly spirit, among other things.

      These numbers, moreover, tell us that if you have waited 78 days to sell your property, or if you’ve spent $520,000 on your dream home, you are now wanting to place the finalisation of this transaction in the hands of experienced conveyancers.

      That’s where you need a list of things to ask your Coffs Harbour conveyancer so that you make the right decision.

      Questions to ask your Coffs Harbour conveyancer

      There are important questions to ask of your conveyancer including about their experience – how many years for example. You should also find out if they are part of a team or a single operator. A team provides a great deal of additional support and expertise. Also uncover answers to costs. If they seem cheap, ask why!

      For a comprehensive checklist of what to know when appointing a conveyancer in Coffs Harbour, get a copy of our free guide – 10 things to know when finding a conveyancer just below. It’s such an important investment, don’t miss an important step.

      Extra things to know about Edmonds, your Coffs Harbour conveyancer

      Be assured that when you sell or buy property in Coffs Harbour, where the mountains meet the sea, Edmonds can take the hassle out of the transaction as your Coffs Harbour conveyancer. Let’s start a conversation today. Obligation-free!

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